The Lighthouse Handbook New England


  • The newly updated 4th edition adds new profiles including five additional Canadian lighthouses in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, more fun facts, and even visiting guides to help you plan your next lighthouse trip in style.

Product Description

Explore the living style of New England and Canadian maritime lighthouses with the original lighthouse field guide, perfect for daytrips or planning your next adventure. New England’s foremost Lighthouse’s authority Jeremy D’Entremont explores each of New England’s lighthouses, as well as several Canadian lighthouses, with the trained precision of an expert in this definitive guide.

New England’s foremost lighthouse authority, is historian for the American Lighthouse Foundation, founder of Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouses, owner and tour operator for New England Lighthouse Tours, and webmaster of New England Lighthouses. He has been researching, writing, and photographing the lighthouses of New England. Jeremy has written more than a dozen books and more than 300 magazine articles in publications including Lighthouse Digest and The Keeper’s Log, and he is the author of the “lighthouse” entry in the World Book Encyclopedia. His photos have been published in many magazines, including Soundings, Offshore, and Captain’s Guide.