Take Better Springtime Photos

Spring is a magical time of year for many reasons- abundant photography opportunities certainly being one of them.

From floral photography to outdoor portraits, there are tons of opportunities worth taking advantage of this time of year. Getting started, here are some of the best tips for taking better springtime photos.

  1. Experiment with Macrophotography

Want to improve your close-up photography technique? There are a few really simple adjustments you can add to your compositional routine in order to achieve better, clearer results. Let’s get started: 

First of all, let’s consider the gear you are working with. You don’t necessarily need to invest tons of money in an incredibly high tech camera or lens setup in order to produce professional-looking results. Generally speaking, any model of modern DSLR or mirrorless camera will suit you just fine for close up work.

A good lens can come in handy here, however. Luckily, you can find a sufficient lens without spending a ton of money. Look for something that will give you magnification capabilities of at least 0.20. If you can get your hands on a macro lens, great. If not, you can certainly proceed with whatever you have at your disposal (or whatever is within your budget) and produce a great shot regardless. 

Getting started, you might want to try working outdoors, during the day. Unless you have some supplementary lighting setup or a studio, the stronger light provided outdoors will help you capture much brighter, more colorful looking images with simply as you may find indoors. So if you’re able to physically bring your desired macro subject outside, do so. 

Finally, play with your manual exposure while composing the image. This will give you the capability to truly focus on and portray the little details you’re looking to capture. 

If you’re trying to take a more unique shot of flowers or spring greenery, getting super close-up is one way to mix things up. If you own a macro lens, bring that along for your springtime shoot. If not, try working with a lens that offers magnification capabilities of at least 0.20.

  1. Try a Panoramic Shot

One of the best techniques to try when it comes to capturing sweeping landscape photography shots is the panoramic perspective. Panoramic photography offers you the great ability to capture a larger amount of an impressive scene, making it much easier to display the magnitude of a landscape through your composition.

Getting started, here are a few simple tricks worth trying if you want to improve your panoramic photos:How to Take Panoramic Photos

  1. Use a Tripod
  2. Try a Panoramic Tripod Head
  3. Use the Right Lens

If you really want to capturing a sweeping, lush springtime landscape, go for the panoramic perspective. Panoramic photography allows you to capture a larger amount of an impressive scene, so you don’t have to leave anything out of a magnificent view. Be sure to work with a tripod when attempting a composition like this.

  1. Take Your Portraiture Subjects Outdoors

Adjusting scenery (to pretty much anywhere other than a studio) is a great way to add some extra visual interest to portraiture shots. Head outdoors with your subjects this spring and take on the challenge of shooting with natural light. The trick here is to be mindful of the time- the sun is incredibly strong midday when it’s directly overhead, and it can cast unflatteringly harsh shadows. Pick a time a little earlier or later in the day so you can work with a more flattering, soft light instead.